Disclosure & PR

Sometimes I'm offered a product for review, so I'll let you know if you're reading a sponsored or promotional post.  

I love working with companies or organisations that are on the same wavelength as me, and are lovely, ethical and/or vegan friendly.

If you are a lovely, ethical or vegan company and would like to work with me (especially if you want to send me some vegan food! I will definitely say yes!), then please contact me at secondhandsusie@outlook.com

I usually post every Friday, and sometimes on a Tuesday too, but sometimes I give myself the week off!

My current blog stats include;

4000+ blog views per month
1400+ followers on Pinterest
600+ followers on Twitter
375+ followers on Instagram
80+ followers on Bloglovin'
65+ followers on Facebook

Brands I have worked with or who I am currently working with include Vegan Life Magazine, Riso Scotti, Koko Dairy Free, Ethical Superstore and Goody Good Stuff.


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