Tuesday, 11 July 2017

What I've been reading.

I find what I read directly correlates to the state of the world.  And in this current climate of Brexit, Trump, Theresa May and the aftermath of a snap general election, I'm sticking with kids books, gardening and tales of TV dogs.  Here's what I've been reading,

What I've been reading.  From UK book blogger secondhandsusie.blogspot.com #bookblogger #librarybooks #reading #bookreviews

Nigel, My Family and other Dogs - Monty Don
Disappointingly this book was neither written by Nigel the dog from Gardener's World, or written from the point of view of Nigel the dog.  Rather it's Monty Don's stories of Nigel and his other pet dogs.  I don't particularly like dogs, but Nigel is my favourite part of Gardener's World and I really liked this book.

What I've been reading.  From UK book blogger secondhandsusie.blogspot.com #bookblogger #librarybooks #reading #bookreviews

The Worst Witch - Jill Murphy
I never read The Worst Witch as a child, but I loved the 90's kids TV programme based on it and wished my school uniform included stripey tights and doc martins.  I love the illustrations in this book too.  Am I definitely too old to go to a boarding school for witches?  

What I've been reading.  From UK book blogger secondhandsusie.blogspot.com #bookblogger #librarybooks #reading #bookreviews

The Rurbanite - Alex Mitchell
If you want to live a more rural life in an urban setting then this book's for you.  There's lots of inspiration for guerilla gardening, community gardens, urban wildlife gardening and all sorts of other eco-friendly things you can do to make your urban space nice and green.  I liked this even though I don't live in a city.

What I've been reading.  From UK book blogger secondhandsusie.blogspot.com #bookblogger #librarybooks #reading #bookreviews

The Twins at St Clare's - Enid Blyton
The Twins at St Clare's series is basically Malory Towers, with different names.  But they're a nice easy read, full of midnight feasts, tricks on teachers and schoolgirl dramas.  Malory Towers has a swimming pool though, which I think makes it the better school.  Swimming is waay better than lacrosse. 

What I've been reading.  From UK book blogger secondhandsusie.blogspot.com #bookblogger #librarybooks #reading #bookreviews

The Tales of Beedle the Bard - J K Rowling
So firstly, this has the most beautiful black and white illustrations, which totally makes it worth reading.  Secondly, if you need to read wizarding fairy tales, with additional commentary and analysis from Prof. Dumbledore, then you should probably read this.  

More things I've been reading,

Emmy and Oliver - Robin Benway  Ollie is kidnapped as a child, and returned to his neighbourhood as a teen, with added romance with the girl next door.

Rat Queens Vol. 1 Sass. and Sorcery - Kurtis J. Wiebe  You definitely want to read a graphic novel about kick ass, violent ladies called 'sass. and sorcery'!

Air Head - Meg Cabot  The plot for this is Weird, in a way I can't say without giving a spolier, but it's still good!

All the Feels - Danika Stone  When her favourite film character is killed off, Liv launches an online campaign to reinstate him, which gets ever so slightly out of control.

What have you been reading?  I'm trying to get through my big pile of library books so I can start re-reading the Harry Potter series!  (It's not going well, I keep adding to my library book pile!)

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Make one small change, mend the thing.

Making one small change at a time can make becoming eco friendly loads easier.  Lots of small changes add up to a big difference.

Make one small change, mend the thing. By UK eco blogger secondhandsusie.blogspot.com #makedoandmend #repair #zerowaste

I very nearly bought a new steamer pan the other day.  The metal handle on the lid had sheared off and I was opening it in a slightly dangerous manner by sticking a knife under it.  I didn't have another lid that would fit either.  

But I decided, no.  No, I won't put an otherwise perfectly usable pan into landfill and buy a new one (not that I'd have put it in landfill, it would have ended up as plant pots no doubt!  But that still would have been a waste).   

I'm not actually sure how much of a bother mending this was, because husband bought the wooden handle and attached it to the screw that was already in the lid.  I was totally willing to do it even though I have no DIY skills, he just beat me to it.  

Mending your stuff saves resources and money (a new steamer pan costs £25, a wooden knob cost less than £1) and makes you feel very smug indeed.  Now I've just got to get round to mending that hole in my skirt, wobbly table leg, garden gate latch..... have you got anything you can mend and then feel smug about?

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