Thursday, 3 December 2009

Handmade Christmas Postcards...

This year some of my friends organised a Christmas card making party, which turned out to be an excellent method of cutting down consumption. We all brought crafty things we already had at home and shared them, so no one had to buy anything new! Some lovely cards were made by everyone and it was really good fun (my inner eco obsessive also thinks that 7 people in one room saves the energy of those 7 people sitting in 7 rooms in their own houses - we only used one light bulb and one cd player, rather than the 7 we might have used if we'd have stayed home by ourselves!)

I make my own cards every year, and this year I'd been thinking of ways to make them more eco friendly - I saw these in the Amnesty International Catalogue and thought I could probably whip up something similar.
These Christmas postcards use 50% less card (because they have no back!) and no envelopes, I used some foam stamps I bought last year, an ink pad I found in my mums drawer and some card I already had to make these. I figure because I managed to hold back on adding glittery sparklyness they can go in with the normal cardboard recycling (correct me if I'm wrong!). I'll draw a line down the middle of each at the back and write instructions, so people know it's eco friendly (and not just weird!) and that they can leave it as a postcard or fold it down the line to make a stand up card (it'll be quite small then - each postcard is about 1/4 of a sheet of A4 - but I think they'll be cute)

Has anyone got any other tips for eco friendly card sending? I know I could just not send any at all - but it's Christmas!


  1. Gorgeous cards; they are so pretty and inspirational! No ideas, I'm a dunce when it comes to cards and things, but we do use postcards as they save on waste ;)

  2. Thankyou so much Mrs Green :)
    I can't belive I didn't think of postcards before - I'll definately be cutting the fronts of any nice chirstmas cards, or other cards, I get from now on so I can turn them into postcards when I need to send a letter.

  3. WOW, great idea!

    Our scouts made sparkly cards, sigh!
    I wish I had come across some more eco-friendly ideas before!! :)
    /Or if I had known this could be an issue, I could talk to their leaders!)

    They also made some where they glued napkins to front part - some actually looked quite pretty! (eg if paper napkin had Santa or gifts and those were cut out and glued on! I imagine you could reuse old gift paper or cards or calendars this way! Hopefully with eco or homemade glue, not sure how recyclable those would be, depending on materials used!)

    Glad you managed to stay away from glitter!!

    I used to make some cards DIY, just card and ink, or with paints, these years I just send e-mail cards - my friends are scattered all over the country and the world, soo..?! :)

  4. Thanks Layla :)

    If they used handmade glue (like flour and water paste) and only cardboard and pretty napkin bits/old card bits then maybe they could go into the composting???

    I don't have loads of cards to send at the moment, I sign my mum's card to our family so that saves paper! And i send emails all year round to people, I think it's nice to keep some traditions and send cards at christmas (this is becuase i LOVE christmas though!!), I do like e-cards for other occasions though! And if I have lots of workmates or classmates to send cards to (you knwo how some places everyone gives everyone else a card even though about 50 of you work there! ahh!) then I make a donation to charity instead and stick up a poster explaining that I'm not doing cards but wish everyone a happy christmas!

  5. I love your cards! that would make a great project with my boys!


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