Thursday, 30 December 2010

Things I Love Thursday...

This Christmassy week I'm loving...

* snow * sprinkling glitter on the lawn so santa's reindeer can find us * christmas stockings * Dr Who christmas special * being a bit giddy in the pub * wearing christmas tree hats at work * red christmassy hair * a water psitol in my christmas cracker * spending time with my family * laughing at a photo I took of my brother where he looks like Susan Boyle * getting every thing I asked for (and more!) for christmas * my mummy looking after me while I was poorly *

Hope you've all had a lovely week xxx


  1. I am liking the sprinkling of glitter on the snow :)

    Sorry to read that you were poorly, but glad your Mother was there for you.

    Happy New Year to you Sooz.

  2. Thank you mangocheeks! Hope 2011 is most excellent to you :D


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