Monday, 21 November 2011

Moving Home...

We've sold our house...we have to be out in 19 days....eeeeeek!  Might be a bit quiet around here for a while!


  1. Moving can be so stressful at times... but I personally just love moving! Hope you survive the 19 day countdown. Thinking of you. xxx

  2. Hope you're moving somewhere with a lovely garden :)

    Stephen has just praised your blog over at waste AM:

    [Sooz] comes across very positively and one sort of sinks into a innocent marshmallowy sort of warmness, and one's troubles seem to float away, and you feel “All is right with the world”.

  3. Thanks Carolyn...I've moved loads before on my own, just packing up essentials and moving them about with me, but I've never done a whole house move is getting a bit stressful now, especially as the new house has no carpets and the boiler's just been condemned and all needs sorting out in the next 2 weeks! I'm sure I'll enjoy being in the new house and making it pretty though!

    Thanks Joddle...we have a gorgeous garden at the new house...we've owned the new houe since Feb. so we've been using the garden as an allotment since then...all gardeny photos on my blog this year are from the new garden!

    That's such a lovely comment from Stephen...awww :)

  4. Oh I am so happy it has sold. Our flat is on sale too and so far no viewers - I actually can't wait to move now.

    Hope the house move goes well for you x

  5. Thanks writing from within a sea of boxes at the moment! Hope you get some veiwers for your home too...we had only about 5 viewers in 9 months, and one buyer who pulled out, before we sold to these people, it's such a nightmare, but all you need is one person to look at it and like it...hope that person pops along into your life soon! xx


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