Monday, 30 July 2012

Joyful July...

This month I've loved....

* payday - I've done loads of overtime this month so my pay was huuuuge! * my courgette flowering * watching an episode of the big bang theory I've never seen before * old friends getting in touch * a lady at work saying she thought I was only 18 (this happens to me quite regularly, but it still makes me sooo happy when someone knocks 10 years off my age!) * ice cream cones (aldi waffle cones are vegan!!) * putting up a display of art by local young people at work and making it look all pretty * Andy Murray winning the Wimbledon Semis * mummy making me a lemon cake * eating cake mixture * baby robins in the garden * sunshine * chips and lemonade * charity shopping * nice dinner with my mum and brother * wearing stickers at work * lie's in * making bears all morning at volunteering * walking fast * listening to songs from musicals * lovely meal out with my lovely work people * 

I had pink and white spotty toenails.  They made me ridiculously happy.

The has been big and pretty all month!

We went to our local national trust place and the pond was full of hundreds of blue damsel flies, it was so pretty!

Mostly I'm pleased because I've spent the last 3 months on the 'at risk' list with my job, because of a restructure at work, but we had interviews a couple of weeks ago and I'll still have a job (with a few more hours and other responsibilities) once they've jiggled us all around! Yey! and phew!

What have you loved this month?  Hope it's been a good one!


  1. Good news about your job.
    This month has trundled along like any other I guess (it's like that when you get older!)
    but I'm pleased with the changes I've made to my blog although I don't find it easy. Also got a new digi camera up and running.

    I'm thankful there have been no major health scares with my feline family.

    1. Good news about your cats (poorly pets are soo expensive!) and how exciting to have a new camera! :)

  2. Beautiful photos - Love the moon!

    We've loved the fantastic weather & starting our B&B - a very exciting, but busy time... So nice to meet lots of lovely folks!

    Kay :)

    1. Thanks Kay :)

      I'm so glad your B&B is a success, I've been reading all about it on your blog! It sounds lovely! :)


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