Monday, 1 October 2012

Super September...

This month I've loved....

* Joseph - me and mum went to see it at the theatre, it was good, apart from the guy playing Joseph was a bit wooden, I have since bought the proper, Jason Donovan, cast recording and have been annoying everyone with it! * My aunty giving me a Jason Donovan tape she was going to throw away! Don't throw Jason away, he's part of my childhood! * Fluffy waving his antlers * Eating home grown mini-sweetcorns and courgettes and potatoes * sunshine *  Seeing Bob Flowerdew at our towns annual Literary Festival - he gave a talk on 'no work' gardening...which is my favourite kind! * colour going on the walls in my little kitchen, blue bathroom...woohoo! * Doing big organising and tidying at work *lovely phone call with my Brazil-friend * nice time and nice people at the craft fair * a lady at work saying 'Goodbye....thank you for your efficiency!' to me...yeah...I'm efficient! Also, a little boy at work coming to tell me that he'd tried to scan his book out (we're self service now in my library) but it wouldn't work, and he'd checked in the back for the 'radioactive' sticker :) * payday * 

I made this awesome Dr Who Display at work, I did the TARDIS and my fabulous colleague did the Darlek....

I really enjoy painting spotty buttons!

I have had much cake this month....this is my traditional Chocolate Fudge Hedgehog Birthday Cake...

And my friend gave me some mahoosive courgettes, so I made cake with some! Yummy!

Hope you've had a lovely month!?


  1. Hi sooz.

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    1. Justin, are you trying to send me spam?

  2. I love your Doctor Who display! :D


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