Monday, 6 May 2013

Library Love...Gardening Books...

Some of these are library books, some are from my own shelves, these are what are inspiring me this year...

Grow Your Own Crops in Pots - Kay Maguire
This book is great for my balcony, 'cos it specifically about growing in pots.  It has tips for trees as well as growing from seed, listed alphabetically with lots of useful info.

James Wong's Home Grown Revolution - James Wong
This is my main inspiration this year.  Mr Wong shows how easy it is to grow unusual and exotic crops, that would be expensive to buy in food shops, in your own garden.

The Edible Garden/The Thrifty Gardener - Alys Fowler
I go back to both of these Alys Fowler books over and over again.  I would love an Edible Garden like Alys', with food-plants and flower plants mingling together to create prettiness, and I would love to wear her vintage dress collection too!  The Thrifty Gardener has loads of info on gardening cheaply, composting, propagation and all sorts of helpful things.

Success With House Plants - Readers Digest
I bought this in a second hand book sale for a couple of quid, and it's fantastic!  It has pretty much all of the house plants ever, listed alphabetically, with instructions how to water, position and propagate each type.  

How to Grow Fresh Air - Dr B. C. Wolverton
I go back to this book again and again, it's the result of a study of how well plants remove toxins from the environment, it lists the 50 top plants and explains the science too.  Really interesting!

Do you have a favourite gardening book?

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