Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Handmade Cards and a Cow Poster (!)...

I always make my own cards for Birthdays and things, these are my most recent creations...

I made this space invader card using a paper weaving tutorial I found online after googling for 'geeky cards for boys'.  It was pretty easy to make, but my weaving isn't quite perfect, which makes me twitch a bit!  I really like the letter stickers, which were from Wilkinsons.

These two are less creative, just sticking stuff together really.  The Brigitte Bardot one for my friend who likes vintage ladies and a flowery one for Mums birthday.  Someone gave me some card making stuff they were clearing out, so I have nice papers and sparkly things to use at the moment!

Little did I know that when I got involved with helping my local Rainbow Guides unit I would end up drawing giant pictures of cows, but such is life.  There is a notice board in the church hall, and each term we decorate it with something relating to the badge we're doing, and the older girls help as part of their leaving-rainbows 'pot of gold' badge.  You can see the badge I copied it from in the photo, it's called 'The Moo Challenge'.  I left the picture blank so the girls could colour it in.

Have you been making anything?


  1. Your cards are lovely. Other than food, I haven't really been making anything else. I'm stuggling to find work since closing the cafe, so have started to have a new vegan/veg food stall (one a month) I do need to make a bunting with the words vegan and vegetarian on it, as its not always clear to potential customers what I am selling visually. So that is a task for one of these days,

    1. Thanks Shaheen!

      Glad to hear about your food stall, I hope it goes really well for you, and that you find some other work too (if that's what you're looking for). Please do show us the bunting when it's made...I'm always attracted to stalls with bunting!


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