Sunday, 17 November 2013

Charity Shop Treasure...Candle, Retro Wallpaper and Fabric, Plant Pots and Owl Spoon Rest...

The charity shop gods have been good to me's my haul...

Little elephant rose scented candle, 50p

Retro black and white wallpaper roll - £1

Funky vintage polyester fabric...75p

Blue rose plant pot...50p White Glass Bowl (says Kenwood on the bottom so I guess it was once part of a mixer, but I'm using it as a plant pot)...50p

Owl spoon rest...50p (I think!).

Not too bad!  Have you found anything magical lurking in a second hand shop recently?


  1. You find the most amazing stuff!!!
    I swear I never find anything worth buying!!
    I Hope you're well, Tammy x

    1. Think it's because I spend too much time in charity shops! I am *trying* to cut down though!

      I am well thank you Tammy, hope you are too! xx

  2. Lucky you! It's a long time since I've been in my favourite charity shop... I worked there as volunteer on Saturday, but now that day the shop is closed. I was a good shop assistant, but an excellent purchaser too! :) But the day after yesterday I was committed in a swap party for the EWWR at the local Family Centre and I found a beautiful book that I'll show you soon. BTW if you have a minute, tomorrow after 10.30 am pop on my blog and see, perhaps there could be something interesting for you! ;)

    1. I think I'd be an excellent purchaser if I worked in a charity shop too! Your book swap sounds like a nice idea, I will check it out :)


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