Sunday, 29 June 2014

Things I Loved this Month, June 2014.

This month I've loved, 

* Library makeovers * BBQs * icing * pretzels * crafty shopping * broccoli pasta * new house plants * finishing watching up to series 7 of Doctor Who and finishing Firefly too * my little niece, she is 10 months and 23 pounds now, she says moo and bites toes!  She is purely lovely (In the middle photo of my collage above you can see niece-let and boyfriend playing nicely in the library, aren't they cute!) * reading Boys Don't Knit and Campari for Breakfast * having a big tidy out of my flat, 10 bags for the charity shop, a bit for ebay and countless bags of recycling.  I feel a lot better for it, although there's still more to do! * pancakes * pizza dinner party * new phone * watching Made in Chelsea, New Girl, Neighbours, The Big Bang Theory and The Hobbit 2 * drinks and eatings with friends * buying vintage dresses * listening to The Beatles, Norah Jones, Eddi Reader, 10 Things I Hate About You soundtrack * booking my birthday trip to Hogwarts!!!!! EEeeep! *

Hope you've had a lovely month too?!

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