Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Vegan Junk Food, Sour Cream and Chives Quinoa Chips.

I've hit the motherload! Vegan sour cream and chive crisps.  They're made from quinoa, so they even count as a superfood (sort of!).  These crisps and light in texture (they remind me of quavers!) and taste really good (the taste also reminds me of quavers!).  I have been adding a little bit of salt to the bag and shaking it up before eating them, I found them a little lacking in salt and this solves the problem perfectly.  I got these from a new ethnic supermarket that's opened near me, they cost £1 for a large bag containing 80g of crisps.  

Here are the ingredients,

Have you discovered any yummy vegan foods recently?


  1. ooo I've been eating the (I think) tomato garlic version of these! but not for a £1 tho! bargain!
    recently I discovered vego bar. it's hazelnut chocolate and amazing.

    1. Mm I love hazelnut chocolate, I will have to check out vego bar if I ever see one!
      They sell the tomato-ey quinoa chips, I keep meaning to try them but then I see that there's sour cream and chive ones still in stock and feel like I should keep eating those instead!


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