Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Vegan Junk Food, Goody Good Stuff Vegan Sweets (Review).

Goody Good Stuff recently sent me some sweeties to taste test, to celebrate the fact that their whole range is now suitable for vegans.  They've got rid of the beeswax coating on their jelly sweets and swapped it for coconut oil.  Yey! 

Goody Good Stuff vegan sweets

I've always liked the cola bottle ones, but there are lots of other flavours to try.

Goody Good Stuff vegan sweets

Clockwise from the top are Strawberry Cream, Sour Fruit Salad, Tropical Fruit, Sour Mix Match, Summer Peaches, Cheery Cherries, Koala Gummy Bears and Cola Breeze. 

Goody Good Stuff vegan sweets

Goody Good Stuff are free from dairy, nuts, soya, gluten and eggs.  Perfect for me as I have an intolerance to soya, as well as being vegan.  My favourite flavours are Cola Breeze, Sour Mix Match and Sour Fruit Salad.  All of the sweets are chewy, it seems silly to say but some of them are a bit sweet for my personal taste, but they're generally yummy and I'm sure lots of vegans will be rejoicing that there's more choice for us in the sweetie department!

My resident sweet expert (aka boyfriend) says he likes that there are lots of unusual flavours (banana, pink grapefruit, pear, peach) but he said the textures were a bit funny (he's used to Haribo I guess, he's not vegan).  He likes the Sour Mix Match best.  He also says the banana sweets (from the tropical packet) taste very banana-y and the peach ones are very peachy.  

Goody Good Stuff vegan sweets

What are your favourite vegan sweets?

Disclosure - I was sent some Goody Good Stuff sweets (and a cute koala bear) to taste test (the sweets, not the koala, he's too furry!).  My opinions are, as always, my own. 


  1. Those sweeties look yummy - are they really expensive?? It always saddens me that vegan/veggie/free from food stuffs are so much more expensive :(

    1. Well, these were sent to me to try (so they were free!) but I remember buying some from Superdrug for £1.25 a bag, and I've seen them in the pound shop too, so they're not too bad! :)


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