Tuesday, 31 January 2017

No 'poo, homemade sea salt and lemon hair and head scrub.

So it's been about 3 years since I stopped washing my hair and went no 'poo (no 'poo is short for no shampoo!).  I don't really miss anything from my shampooing days, except for a salty, scrubby shampoo from Lush that made my hair soft and amazing.  

Lush's Big Shampoo contains sodium laureth sulphate which makes it unsuitable for no 'poo haircare routines.  SLS is a know skin irritant, pollutant and can permeate your body and stay in there (urgh!) so I avoid it.  Lush's shampoo also starts a nearly £7 for a little pot - my DIY version is cheap, vegan and natural.  And it smells amazing! 

No 'poo, homemade sea salt and lemon hair and head scrub.  From uk blogger secondhandsusie.blogspot.com #nopoo #lowpoo #hippyhair

You will need

Coarse sea salt
Lemon juice
Essential oils (optional) 

How to make no 'poo hair and head scrub

It's super simple, just mix the sea salt and lemon juice together.  I don't really measure it, but I'd say start with roughly a tablespoon of each then add more juice or salt as needed until the salt is soaked through but not dissolved.  If you want to add some essential oils add a couple of drops now and mix them in.  Essential oils are optional, but both lavender oil and tea tree oil have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, so if you're head is a bit itchy it could be a good idea to add them.  You can also add lime juice, or swap the lemon juice for lime if you prefer a limey smell.   

Should I add a disclaimer here to say if you have any cuts or owchie bits on your scalp perhaps give this a miss, lemon and salt will be too stingy! 

How to use your salt and lemon hair and head scrub

Make the scrub in advance then jump in the shower and wet your hair.  Scoop up a handful of hair scrub and gently massage it into your scalp.  Repeat until your whole scalp is covered and smooth the rest through the lengths of your hair.  Leave the scrub in for a few minutes then rinse out thoroughly. 

I use it about once a month or so.  It will give you a happy scalp and the soft, floofy hair of your dreams.

Do you have any no 'poo hair tips?

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No 'poo, homemade sea salt and lemon hair and head scrub.  From uk blogger secondhandsusie.blogspot.com #nopoo #lowpoo #hippyhair


  1. So do you just wash it the once a month or do you wet it etc at other times? I am intrigued by this. I've used natural shampoos in the past- non SLS ones from Neways- but it didn't always make my hair feel great! I wash mine once a week generally to avoid overuse of shampoo etc but I feel like I want to do it more!

    1. I wet my hair in the shower once a week or so, and then sometimes rinse it with diluted lemon juice in water after I've wetted it. I've started doing the salt scrub once a month too.
      It took me ages to get down to washing my hair so infrequently, and I definitely had a transition period where my hair was a bit gross while it got used to it!

  2. You're an absolute star! I love that Lush shampoo but it's a costly treat so I stick to Karma. As luck would have it I've got all the ingredients for the Susie version so I'm going to give this a bash tomorrow! xxx


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