Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Things to think about before you vote.

Things to think about before you vote. seondhandsusie.blogspot.com #votelabour #toriesout #booTheresaMay #YeyJeremyCorbyn

Urgh.  The general election is on Thursday (the 8th of June, please don't forget to vote!).  I'm currently not friends with politics (see Brexit, Trump and Theresa May), but it's our duty to know the facts and to vote.  I'll be voting Labour.  I'm a Green Party girl at heart, but I don't think they'll win (yet, one day maybe) and I can't bear to think what another 5 years with the Tories will bring us, so Jeremy it is.  He has an allotment and buys the Big Issue after all.

Firstly (most importantly) you can vote between 7am and 10pm on Thursday.  You should have received a polling card that tells you where your polling station is.  If you've lost your card you can still vote as long as you're on the electoral register and at the right polling station and can give your name and address (find your polling station here).  If you're unsure of anything contact your local council's electoral services, they are wise and can answer all your questions. 

Find out which political party matches up with your views at I side with.

Read about why climate change matters this election, and what you can do about it.

Friend's of the Earth have published a survival guide for the election, their comparison on how the parties score on eco issues is particularly helpful.  

Check out Labour's manifesto, and the Conservatives too (if you really want to, ack, ack).  The Lib Dem's is here and the lovely Green Party's here.  

Use your vote tactically to prevent a tory victory and maybe make Brexit a little better.  

Here's some unashamedly pro Labour, pro Corbyn propaganda,

(By the way, I think you should vote for the party, rather than the leader.  I like Corbyn, but even if you don't the Labour Party has lots of good and skilled politicians in it.  Let's face it, no one voted for Theresa May and she's in charge, so anything can happen in 5 years)

I don't normally watch The One Show, but I randomly caught Corbyn's appearance, where he discussed manhole covers, his allotment and he brought a jar on home-made jam to give to the hosts.   

And can I just remind you that Theresa May supports fox hunting, fracking, is the anti-feminist, will privatise the NHS, under-fund our schools and she held hands with Donald Trump.

Fingers (and toes) crossed for Thursday and all the positive vibes and Jedi mind hugs for everyone feeling pre election jitters/ennui/anxiety/extreme nausea!


  1. I'm a dyed in the wool "none of the above" (other than this year) but I thought that the way Corbyn spoke about the allotment was very clever, whether intentional or not. You go out, do some work getting your hands dirty, bring produce home to prepare and feed your family, then share your abundance - nice way to describe how you see society I thought.

    1. Yes me too, not sure if he's being clever or genuine (or both) but at least he seems human, unlike the other popular choice!

  2. Great post, Susie! I've never missed an election (local and national) since I turned 18. I've wavered between Green and Labour most of my life but I love Jeremy and everything he stands for.
    We have postal votes (which anyone can apply for) so we cast ours two weeks ago. xxx

    1. I've never missed one either! And yey for postal votes (only didn't mention them here because it's too late to apply for a post vote - but I've been helping library customers register to vote and to vote by post for the last few weeks!)
      I love Jeremy too, hope he wins! xx

  3. I'm still torn, I live in a seat that has NEVER returned a Labour MP (even in 45 and 97), always Conservative, independent or Lib-dem. I think it's now safely Conservative, so I feel I can vote non-tactically for the first time in my voting life; and it's wonderful.

    1. Yey - happy freedom voting to you :) I would love to vote non-tactically, but I just want Tories out and my constituency has had a mix of Labour and Tory over the years, so a vote for Labour might just swing it. We've had a conservative MP since 2005 (the first GE I could vote in) and I've been voting against him every time! Maybe this time I'll be lucky! x


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