Friday, 20 October 2017

Review - Morrisons organic veg box.

Now that the growing season is nearly over I've been looking into organic veg boxes to keep us in fresh and ethically grown fruit and veg during the winter. 

Review - Morrisons organic veg box. A review of Morrisons organic vegetable box from UK vegan and eco friendly blogger #morrisonsorganicvegbox #vegbox #organic #review

I ordered the new Morrisons organic veg box so I could compare it to the Abel and Cole organic veg boxes I've also signed up to. 

The Morrisons veg box costs £8 and is available in store or for home delivery.  They also do a non-organic box for £5. 

The organic box I received was quite big and it contained the following,

17 potatoes of various sizes
11 carrots
4 leeks
4 golden beetroot
5 small red onions
1 bulb of garlic
1 fennel

The veg is nice enough, but not as nice as the posh veg that comes in the Abel and Cole box.  It's a good budget organic option - and it's going to take us ages to get through all those potatoes and carrots - but I'm going to stick with the Abel and Cole box as long as we can afford it.  

Having said that there's nothing actually wrong with the Morrisons veg box, other than the veg is not quite as fresh as I would like.  It's nice to get a bulb of garlic, the leeks, fennel and onions are fine, the beetroot and potatoes are all perfectly usable but they're a bit knobbly bobbly and blemished. 

Review - Morrisons organic veg box. A review of Morrisons organic vegetable box from UK vegan and eco friendly blogger #morrisonsorganicvegbox #vegbox #organic #review

As you can see, my fridge will be full for quite some time! 

Can you recommend any other organic veg boxes for us to try?


  1. When we were both employees we used to get the Abel & Cole box, it was great fun working out what to do with the more bizarre ingredients and I loved some of the rare potatoes we used to get.
    These days I go down the market and buy whatever's on offer. I rarely spend over eight pounds and it lasts a week. xxx

    1. I love our local market too, and can definitely pick up loads of cheap fruit and veg from it, but the organic stall has gone and I prefer organic while we can afford it so I'm trying out veg boxes for now!

  2. As far as I'm aware, an Abel and Cole small box is around £11, so a little more than Morrisons (but I am happy to pay extra for quality!) - is that actual size / content similar between the two companies. I would consider getting a weekly Abel and Cole box as I like the idea of being 'forced' to try new foods / recipes depending on the contents but I am reluctant as neither of us eat mushrooms and I can't stand onions of any form, plus I'm exceedingly fussy about quality so worry I'd get ingredients we couldn't use and then it wouldn't be good value for money. I do prefer to go out and choose my own veg really but I do like the idea of just having something delivered too! Certainly something to consider.

    1. We've had a couple of Abel and Cole boxes too, there's definitely loads and loads more veg in the Morrisons box, but the quality is nowhere near as good, everything from Abel and Cole is lovely and feels like a real luxury.

      I've been loving the Abel and Cole boxes because you can make a 'never send' list (I don't want any parsnips!), and you can see what they'll send in the box before it comes and swap out anything you won't need. You can skip weeks too and order things from their shop to come with your box delivery. I've been really happy with how flexible it's been and I'm happy to pay for it as long as we can afford it - although I'll probably have a break from them over the summer when we grow a lot of our own!

    2. Thanks for this reply - only just seen it as your latest post reminded me of this one and only now did I come back to check!

  3. I would definitely like to try a veg box at some point. We tend to buy our veg from Aldi apart from the odd bit from the Market on a Saturday - Yesterday I bought an enormous sweet potato, one courgette and an aubergine!x


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