Friday, 6 July 2018

Charity shopping.

I keep going to the charity shops to buy new summer clothes, but I can't find anything right (I've had to go to eBay instead!).  I ain't mad though, because I've found loads of retro homeware instead. 

Charity shopping. From UK charity shop blogger #charityshopping #charityshopblogger #tauntonware

There's a pound charity shop in town and how am I supposed to resist huge retro jugs I don't really need when they only cost £1!
Taunton Ware jug, £1, Sue Ryder. 

Charity shopping. From UK charity shop blogger #charityshopping #charityshopblogger

I bought a couple of pairs of curtains too, I'm going to make a skirt (or a dungaree dress if I dare!) from the brown one because it's nice and cottony and soft, and the yellow and white ones will go up in the hallway when I've sewn them together to make one big front door sized curtain. 
Brown curtains, £1, Sue Ryder, Yellow curtains, £2, Salvation Army. 

Charity shopping. From UK charity shop blogger #charityshopping #charityshopblogger

Charity shopping. From UK charity shop blogger #charityshopping #charityshopblogger

These both count as plant pots because I'm going to use the bin basket as a plant pot too.
Ceramic planter, 99p, Oxfam, Basket, 50p, Air Ambulance.

Charity shopping. From UK charity shop blogger #charityshopping #charityshopblogger #SELCA #SELCAbeepot

This also counts as a plant pot, the bee on the lid has a broken wing, so I'll just use the base as a plant pot.  I don't actually need any more plant pots though.  This says SELCA made in Portugal on the bottom, I've googled it but I can't work out when this was made, but it's pretty anyway.
SELCA bee pot, £1, Air Ambulance.

Charity shopping. From UK charity shop blogger #charityshopping #charityshopblogger #doctorwhoicecubetray #doctorwholakeland

My Mum picked me up these Doctor Who ice cube trays from the charity shop where she works.  They were originally from Lakeland's 50 years of Doctor Who collection, and I missed it when it was in the shops.  These were REALLY stinky (how much do you have to smoke to make your ice cube trays smoky??) but after spending about 4 months living in the dishwasher they smell fine and are ready to use. 
Doctor Who ice cube trays, present from Mummy, probably from Oxfam. 

Charity shopping. From UK charity shop blogger #charityshopping #charityshopblogger

I recently tidied up our conservatory and now it's lovely and clean it needs new cushions.  All the cushions I have in there at the moment are from my teenage bedrooms through the years.  I love this cushion cover, but it also reminds me of the cushions Mum had in the lounge when I was a teenager! 
Crochet cushion cover, £1, Sue Ryder. 

Charity shopping. From UK charity shop blogger #charityshopping #charityshopblogger

I spent more than I normally would on this because it's something I was actually looking to buy.  I don't really like kneeling in the garden because it hurts my knees, so I've bought this little stool to sit on when I've got weeding to do.  And if that makes me an old person I don't care, I'm happy with my weeding stool and my non-painful knees!
Retro stool, £8, Age Concern. 

I don't think this is a bad lot for just over £15, I love charity shopping. 

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  1. I do enjoy charity shop haul posts. Your little bee pot is my favourite, the colour is glorious.
    I don't blame you for buying a stool to sit on, weeding knees are the worst!
    Have a great weekend

    1. Thank you :) Even my husband likes the bee pot, and it's unusual he likes anything I bring back from the charity shop!

  2. Some lovely finds there! Just in case you don't see - I did reply to your comment about the snail. It's an amber snail, though I don't know which particular amber snail as there are a few!

    1. Oh thank you :) I moved to a different end of town a few years ago and discovered a new type of snail in the garden and now I know what it is! xxx

  3. So many good finds from the Charity shop. I know how much you like Dr Who, so that is a fab spot by your mother - she knows you :) And I adore the retro curtain fabric, I would totally wear them too and look forward to you making a skirt or dungaree dress. Do please share and let me know! I also want to make a dungaree dress, do you have a pattern?

  4. Great haul. I love the Dr Who ice cube trays!

  5. I had two lots of those ice-cube trays and I gave one set to my sister and then my husband got rid of one set!!!!!! We went to view a house of a smoker of 40 years and the smell and the colour of the walls was DREADFUL!
    I like your little stool- makes me feel very nostalgic!


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