Friday, 26 February 2010

What I bought this month...

A small pink glass pig
Swirly skirt from the charity shop
Blue goldstone pendant off ebay

3 things??!! I'd say thats a bit better than before! I wouldn't have bought the piglet or the skirt if I hadn't have been taken (dragged!) round the shops when my cousin came to stay last week. Seems if I avoid the shops I avoid buying things! I have no excuse for the ebay purchase - except I wanted it and it's lovely and a bargain! yey!

Oh, I even went into the LIBRARY this month! It didn't have the book I wanted :( But at least I've actually got round to going in it now, so it's more likely I'll go again!


  1. lol why did u buy a pink glass pig??

    I know, I know - these things are hard to resist!! :)
    ebay and charity sho are okay if it's reuse, at least that's my mantra - we don't have either here, still haven't bought any stuff there!

    I love libraries, haven't gone for a long time either - still have some books to return - from 2008, uhm!
    I keep wanting to return 'em and finding new great things in them! (nutrition etc!)

  2. I NEEDED the pink glass pig to go with my white glass pig! It's all my familys fault for comng to stay and going shopping EVERY day! argh! Not my idea of fun at all! At least the pig was from an independent shop, so I was supporting local business and my skirt was second hand so, you're right, it's reusing!!

    I love librarys too (I have a job interview to be an 'Early Years Librarian' next week - which would be awesome!) I'm so glad I finally got round to going, cos I'm trying to stop buying books, even though I always buy sencond hand, I want to support the library becuase I like the whole borrowing-no ownership-big free resource for everyone ethos of it :)
    You've had books since 2008??! Do you not have library fines in Solvenia? :p

  3. I go through jags where I constantly go to the library, slack off, then go the library. It helps keep the book population in check at my house!

  4. I hope your job interview went well.

    I would have love to have seen your buys. I think you have to treat yourself now and again, as long as its not excessive. Your buys are simple, so enjoy them.

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