Thursday, 10 March 2011

Things I Love Thursday...

This week I love...

* lovely walk with no one else about and green springiness and sparrows and springish smells * sleep on the sofa * listening to Glee CD * tidy bedroom * peanut planting experiments * finding my sylvanian famillys in the loft, especially the gypsy caravan and horse! * smiling dogs * listening to Fall Out Boy * watching South Riding * broccoli * beautiful sunny blue sky day * singing Jessie J and Black adder at work * planning to have coffee with a potential new friend * bowling ball haircuts * funny, bendy-knee walking * surprise birthday cake and singing * my new, free bike! *

What do you love this week?  Hope you're having a most excellent one!


  1. This week i've enjoyed walking on various beaches, spoiled because they were all pretty empty and the sky was blue blue blue - not a raindrop in sight.

  2. Peanut planting experiment? Now, aren't you up there in Ireland, wet and cool? Peanuts need heat and lots of sun. It's the same experiment I'm carrying with growing a fig tree.
    I'm hoping!

  3. Mangocheeks - that sounds amazing, amazing, amzing! Lucky you! :)

    Rosaria - I'm in England actually, but it's still wet and cool! I read a chapter of a gardening book that suggested creating cheap houseplants by planting seeds you have in your store cupboard and I've taken that idea and run with it! I kept my peanut in the airing cupboard where it would be nice and warm, but it went mouldy...I feel I must experiment more! Coincidentally, we have a fig tree on a sunny wall outside our house, it even produces figs - it obviously hasn't got the wet nad cool memo! You're on the sunny west coast of America aren't you? I have high hopes for your fig!

  4. LOVE the gypsy caravan thing... tell me more!

    One day (when i'm 'big') I would love to have one of them caravans ;-) and decorate it as cosy as possible and it will be my escape and peeeeeerfect for meditation etc... Saw a french company selling them oooooh how i wish I could have one in the back yard... ;-)

    Love the free bike thing as well. Also got an oooold 'vintage' bike and i'm fixing it up... Love your week! Inspiring stuff... ;-)

  5. I'd love one of those caravans too, maybe one day! Unfortunately my loft isn't big enough for one of them! Mines a toy one like this I had many imaginary adventures with it when I was little!

    Hope you've had a good week too! xx


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