Sunday, 22 July 2012

Library Love...Teeny Tiny Crochet, Crochet for Children, When she Woke...

This month I've been reading...

Teeny Tiny Crochet - Catherine Hirst
This book has really, really cute projects in it!  They're quite simple, the sort of thing I could mostly make up myself to be honest, but sometimes it's nice to have nice, easy things to make without having to use your brain too much...I especially like the sheep, little sausage dog and snail patterns!

Crochet for Children - Claire Montgomerie
This is not aimed at my age group (obviously), but I still find myself drawn to a lot of the patterns, they're too good for children I tell ya!  There's a bunny scarf pattern in here that I'm definitely going to make for myself, lovely zig zag cushion cover, owl bag, tiara and lots of other colourful projects.  There's also useful tips on teaching crochet, which usually makes me all confused so I need to remember those!

When She Woke - Hillary Jordan
I loved reading reminded me a bit of The Handmaids Tale (Margaret Atwood), set in a not-too-distant world, the main character is dyed red (criminals are injected with something to colour their skin then released into society, so everyone knows what they've done - red for murder, blue for paedophiles, yellow for minor misdemeanour's) as punishment for having an illegal abortion.  The book follows her life after becoming a 'red' and although it wasn't mightly cheerful it was interesting and I read it in one go 'cos I couldn't wait to find out what happened in the end!

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