Sunday, 27 July 2014

Balcony Garden, July 2014.

My sunflowers have flowered this month.  They don't grow very tall, because they're grown in pots, but they're taller than anything else on my balcony and are lovely and bright!

My sweet peas and fuchsia are flowering too, and some little pink verbenas and livingstone daisies.  

I have a couple of tomatoes coming on my hanging basket tumbling tomato.  I've been eating little handfuls of strawberries all month too. 

I have been joined on my balcony by a colony of these tiny snails.  I've never seen ones like this before, they look more like pond snails to me.  (I think they might be amber snails, although I don't think my balcony is the very damp habitat they prefer).  I also had the delight of sending a 4 inch long slug for a flight over the railings.  Proof that even if you have a balcony 2 floors up you cannot escape slugs!

How are your gardens doing this year?


  1. lovely flowers! our balcony is looking less floral, and things haven't been so easy this year as a year ago - then everything we planted worked....i'm doing an update on it tomorrow on the blog, if you feel like pop over and see the pics :)

    1. I've just been for a look at your balcony and it's looking lovely!

  2. Your plants are absolutely gorgeous Susie!!!


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