Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Library Love. Landline, The Fever, Silver Shadows, Jane, the Fox and Me.

Lovely library books.  Landline The Fever Silver Shadows Jane the Fox and me.

These are the library books I've loved reading this month,

Landline - Rainbow Rowell
This wasn't my favourite Rainbow Rowell novels, but Rainbow Rowell is one of my favourite authors so I still thought it was good.  The time travel element is really timey-wimey and I kept having to stop and think about whether the main character was going to wipe out her present life by meddling with her past, a la Marty McFly.  

The Fever - Megan Abbot
An outbreak of a mysterious illness sweep through an American high school, while the characters try to work out whether it's caused by dodgy water, hysteria or the HPV vaccine.  The answer isn't that interesting, but it's a fairly interesting book nonetheless.    

Silver Shadows - Richelle Mead
I really love this series of books.  This is the 5th out of 6 books (or the 11th out of 12 if you count the first 6 Vampire Academy books that are set in the same world).  Lots of bad things happen in this book and lots of previous characters turn up, which I hope are all things to set up for the final book to tie up all the loose ends and have a happy ending!

Jane, the Fox and Me - Fanny Britt
This is a really beautifully illustrated graphic novel, about a bullied girl who finds solace in the story of Jane Eyre.  Really lovely.

What have you been reading?

My local library service (who I just so happen to work for) have been busy opening new branches and introducing E-books and E-magazines.  What are your local libraries like? 


  1. Ahhh a person can never have too many books!! I'm currently taking an Environmental Science class at Uni so that's very very interesting and I'm doing a lot of reading about the Planet and how we treat it! It's actually quite shocking. Tammy x

    1. That sounds like an interesting class, my friend did a Masters degree in Environmental Law and was always telling me all sorts of shocking statistics, it's scary what we're doing to the planet. :(


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