Friday, 21 August 2009

New favorite websites...

I officially have been spending too much time on the internet!!!

But I have been finding lots of inspiration! I especially like....

The nag - sends you a cheerful 'nag' by email once a month to do something good, like switch your bank to a more ethical one, write to your favorite shop to ask them to sell guilt-free (is there such a thing?!) clothes or use reusable containers for your packed lunch. You can also browse through the site and read other nags and take part in them too. The site registers the details of the 'nags' you have participated in and uses it to calculate data - for example "Nag members have got 398 tupperware lunch boxes. That means they're probably throwing away about 41392 fewer bits of plastic lunch packaging a year" (quoted from so you can see the effect of your actions. Very extremely brilliant if you ask me!

My zero waste - does what it says on the tin really, lots of tips on how to live waste free. I'm quite smug in the knowledge that in our house we already do all the things suggested in the 'beginners tips for reducing waste' and the intermediate! And a few from the tips for recycling pros!

Instructables - tutorials posted by clever people, with photographs, to tell you how to make or do just about anything you wish - clothes, food, wooden stuff, metal stuff, garden stuff and I'm especially a fan of the green section!

Think I might turn the computer off for a while now!

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