Wednesday, 7 September 2011

How to Make Plum Vodka, Plum Rum (and probably any other plum based alcoholic beverage too!)

Last year we sampled some of my friend's damson vodka, which is totally delicious, and as we have an over abundance of plums this year, me and mum decided to make plum vodka.  We also found some Bacardi in the cupboard that someone gave us, so we made plum rum too!  There are lots of directions on the interweb that require heating the vodka and dissolving the sugar into it, we decided that was a bit of a faff and basically bunged sugar, booze and plums into a kilner's how...

1.  Clean the plums, cut off any manky bits and cut them into halves, weigh them, then measure about half their weight in sugar (so if you had 500g of plums you need 250g of sugar).  Put them in a big kilner jar.

2.  Add the vodka/rum/any-other-alcohol-you-suspect-would-be-improved-by-adding-sugar-and-plums to the kilner jar, this is where we weren't very scientific and just added the whole bottle rather than measuring anything out.

3. Shake the kilner jar until the sugar has dissolved (takes a long time, good exercise though!)

4. Keep in a cool, dark place, shake every day, for upto 3 months.

How to make plum vodka, plum rum and probably any other plum based alcohol! Plum rum is yummy! Second hand Susie blog.

This is the plum vodka just after we made it, before vigorous shaking commenced.  Below is the vodka (small jar - 1.5 litres) and bacardi (big jar - 2 litres!) about 3 weeks after we started it...mmmm....

How to make plum vodka, plum rum and probably any other plum based alcohol! Plum rum is yummy! Second hand Susie blog.

We're going to decant it into small dainty bottles to give as Christmas presents this year! 


  1. Looks great :)

    The discarded fruit makes a lovely boozy fruit crumble,or ice cream topping afterwards too, I did that with my blackberries last year after making blackberry gin and vodka :)

    We found the liquer very potent lol :)

  2. Thanks dreamer :) My mum thougth about making crumber with the fruit, I shall tell her it works well :)

  3. Looks yummy! :)

    We made something like this with blueberries and some other stuff too... (dad had a list of herbs to make jagermeister from, I never dared to consume it lol)
    I don't think we did any shaking though, kept the blueberries in until consumed :)

    Be warned the fruits are actually the most potent part of this, especially if you keep'em soaked long-term! :)

    I've had fig yumminess served and was warned about it... for a reason haha!! :)

  4. Gosh, home made jagermeister sounds like it would be potent stuff, I think you were wise to keep away from it! I'll go steady with the fruits when we take them out, don't tihnk I'd want to eat too much in one go...hic!

  5. Yum! I have a bunch of extra peaches, I think I'm going to try peach rum. Thanks for the great idea

  6. Ha ha Susie, that is hilarious!!! I put plum rum into google (as I've just poured mine out the jar and I'm not sure what to do with the plum bits) and YOU appeared! he he he... that's made my day!!! x xx

    1. Hello, Anonymous person, I've only just seen this sound like you know me in real life...I wonder who you are?!


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