Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Product Swap...

I haven't done this for a while!I have a few more tea-lights to use up, but when I have I'm going to start using candles that don't come in foil wrappers like voiatives or something, there are ways to reuse or recycle the metal tins they come in, but if theres a way to get me some twinkly candlelight with less uneccessary waste then I'd prefer that thankyou very much!

This is really hard for me, cos I'm a crisp addict, but I've stopped eating single serving packs of crisps and just buy one big bag every week or so, so at least I only have one plastic bag to put in the bin, rather than all the little bags and the multipack bag. Mums in charge of the shopping, I don't usually go with her (becuase I'm avoiding someone who works in the supermarket she likes to go to lol!) so she doesn't have me there reminding her not to buy multipacks, but she's getting the idea slowly. I've also been making my own popcorn, yummy and you get so much out of one bag!
EDIT - Mrs Green of My Zero Waste has found a way to reuse/recycle crisp packets for charity - see here and here. I'm going to keep trying to reduce the amount of crisp bags I use anyway, because they're plastic and don't biodegrade and are made from weird chemicals, but I'm not about to give up crisps (I'm already vegan and allergic to soya and a picky eater! I need to leave some food groups I can eat!) so, for those I do use this seems an excellent solution! Yey!


  1. I love reading about the swaps you make. Just in case you're interested, you can now recycle your crisp packets in the UK.
    You'll have to post them at your own expense to a place in Southampton, but this way supports charity as well - the bags are woven into lovely purses and handbags, the mothers are paid a decent wage to make them and it means their children can be educated instead of having to scavenge on dumps. Take a look:

    Rae x

  2. ~Ooooooo! I want to recycle my crisp packets in the UK! How have I missed this - I'm going to have a look NOW! Thanks!


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