Saturday, 6 November 2010

Product Swap, Soild Moisturiser.

I keep a little tube of moisturiser for my hands on me at all times (I have pretty owchy eczema on my hands and if my skin gets dry it's very painful so I moisturise them every time I wash them) but I ran out of little tubes a while ago...I've been taking an old hotel-free-shampoo bottle full of my mum's posh moisturiser for a while, but that's run out too and I wanted a more eco epiphany came to me one day, involving an old vaseline tin, a knife and a Lush massage bar.  I cut the end off one (mine's a Therapy one and smells lovely, Lush do a solid hand moisturiser but, alas, it's not vegan) popped it in my tin and now I have solid moisturiser wherever I go!

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