Friday, 19 November 2010

Things I love Thursday...

* seeing a wagtail with a yellow tummy * very dark blue sky and very twinkly stars * popcorn and toast and ginger nuts and fire and DVD with Em * big saturday lie in and pajama day * visiting the stop UK coal protest camp near my house and seeing all sorts of hippiness and treehouses and beautiful countryside * a random lady called susie giving me a hug becuase she thought a looked so cute in my panda hat  * hippy wishing tree * hearing my first xmas song on the radio and seeing the coca cola (boo evil corporation!) xmas advert on TV * learning to play 'Babylon' by David Grey on the guitar by heart * drivign mums little purple car * watching horrible histories, Merlin, Giles and Sue live the Good Life, Ugly Betty and Miranda * laughing at work * sunshine through the train window and watching big flocks of brids flying about * frost * Chris Evans being back on Radio 2 * making crochet stars * getting wool through the post * tidying under my bed * mum picking me up from work * being exited for Luke's visit next weekend * pay day tomorrow * reading 'The Year of the Flood' by Margaret Atwood *


  1. WOOT!! :) YAY for looking cute!!
    *pay day tomorrow*?? What have I missed??
    YAY you got a job Sooz!! What is it? (And where can I read about it?:))

  2. I did! I did get a job! About 3 months ago, I'm sure I posted about it somewhere! I'm a library assistant, it's only part time (20 h/w) but it's in a beautiful old building and it pays enough and gives me loads of free time :D


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