Thursday, 15 March 2012

Recent Craft and Crochet...Tea Light Holders, Pin Cushions, Salt Dough Buttons, Crochet Brooches...

I have been crocheting LOTS recently....mostly for the craft fair and for my Etsy shop, but some I've managed to keep some bits for myself too...

 Tea light holders, made from shot glasses and crochet...these are soo pretty!

Vintage tea cups and egg cups with crochet pin cushions....I loved the boot and mum loved the top blue teacup, we were going to keep them for ourselves but then someone bought them both! D'oh!

I made 118 salt dough buttons all in one go! Phew!  Only just saved them from burning in the oven too...I would have cried if I hadn't have been able to use them!

And a Looooot of crochet brooches and hair grips....I kept  a little red owl with a purple tummy and some orange hair clips for myself :D

I'm currently trying to finish mums Christmas present crochet cushion, as well as making a few more egg-cup pin cushions (it feels very odd, as a vegan, to be purchasing all these vintage egg cups!)...I'll be doing some more craft fairs so I'm trying to keep my stock up so I don't ever have to have a big panicky two weeks of making and preparation again!

What have you been making?  I'd love to know!  


  1. This post took me straight back to my childhood. In the sixties, my parents had a pair of these boot/house shaped egg cups that sat on a shelf in our front room. I have never seen one since until now. Happy days!

    1. Aww sweet...I have my own little boot that came from my grandparents house, but have found a couple in charity shops to convert into pincushions too!


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