Wednesday, 7 March 2012

A Craft Explosion...

Here is my 'craft preparation area'.  Also known as my mums living room floor.  Also known as 'I'm in trouble'!  I have my first craft fair stall on arm is doing a funny clicky thing from all the crochet and my sewing machine has been making ominous clunking noises....I'm nearly ready (unless you count the 4 Easter bunnies I have to crochet and the phone cases that I've pretty much given up on!)...I'm enjoying all the crafting, but I wish I wasn't in soo much of a rush to get everything made...I've been crocheting for about 2 weeks solid, I miss the real world!


  1. Don't over do it & good luck with Saturday.

    Look forward to hearing all about it!

    Kay :)

  2. Thanks Kay! I'm nearly there now! And then I'm planning a big lie in and a day of tidying on sunday!xxx


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