Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Marvelous March...

This month I've been loving...

* having a craft fair stall for the very first time and actually selling stuff * lovely emails from my lovely friends * playing my ukulele * bit tidier bedroom * crochet * rainbow glittery nail varnish * 50p crochet blanket from the charity shop * very loud meeowing cat * listening to Placebo, Norah Jones, The Smiths and the Freaky Friday soundtrack * watching Glee and 90210 and Greek and Winners and Losers * my aloe vera plant producing a baby * yummy curry and birthday tea and cake for my mums birthday * plum blossom * new fishies * croaky frog and frogspawn * sticker books * toast breaks * ice lollies * wearing suncream * wearing my PJs to work * shiny new library and shiny new library books * planting seeds * making yummy vegan burgers * visiting my extremely cute little cousin for her 2nd birthday *

A handsome young pigeon who will be allowed to live in our garden so long as he stops pecking the brassicas!


Woke up this morning to this!  What's going on...I had suncream on last week!

Hope you all had a lovely month! xxx


  1. We still love our Smiths albums & listen to them regularly! Would love to see photos of your burgers...

    Kay :)

    1. I've only just got in to The Smiths, I used to hate Morrissey's voice and thought they were too whiney, but I love them now!

      The burgers I made were a version of this recipe http://lastbiscuit.blogspot.co.uk/2011/04/split-pea-burgers-recipe.html split-pea and spicy tomato...yummy!


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