Monday, 16 April 2012

Library Love...Cake Angels, The Hunger Games, Pompom Pals, One Piece of Fabric...

The library I work in moved to a new building over the last 2 weeks, the best part about this is the zillions of shiny new books we put on the shelves!

Cake Angels - Julia Thomas
 I borrowed this mainly because it has a recipe for vegan caramel to make millionaires shortbread with (I sooo miss this from my pre-vegan, pre-soya-free days!)  Of course, you first have to make (make!!) your own vegan condensed milk, which sounds a little complicated, but probably worth it.  The book contains lots of recipes for gluten and dairy free cakes, mum's friend at book club can't have gluten so she tried a couple of recipes for book club night and both were very successful too and worked even though we couldn't find any xthanthan gum to put in (nearly every recipe recommended to use this, but we just used gluten free flour and they turned out fine - my mummy is magic at cake though so perhaps that has something to do with it!) 

Pompom Pals - Michelle Tilly
I want to make an orange wave-y pompom pal like the one on the front cover, and the owl shaped one and the hippopotamus-ish one!  These are very cute, but seem to take up a lot of wool to make them and then I think about all the lovely things I could crochet with that wool instead and it seems like waste to make pompoms from it.  Maybe I could make mini pompom pals!

One Piece of Fabric - Lena Santana
I mostly like the bag on the front cover and the dress on the back cover of this book, it's a bit rubbish that the patterns aren't included, you have to draw your own or enlarge the ones at the back with a photocopier, which would be a bit tricky for something like a dress pattern.  But some of the ideas are nice and the pictures are pretty.  Mostly a pretty picture book, some of the projects are a bit weird, like a bikini and a table rosette thingy, but the bag patterns are nice.

The Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins
Oh My Gosh!  Read The Hunger Games.  It is soooo good!  


  1. Hello, just popped in to say 'hello' to a fellow Salopian !
    I was looking for your post on rag rugs, but can't find it now, anyway just to say I make rag rugs, but not the kind you pictured, mine are made using crochet - pop over to my blog and take a look.
    I also love crochet, reading, and am at the moment in the process of setting up an Etsy shop - so we have a lot in common.

    1. Oooh helloo! Exciting to 'meet' another local!

      I had a look at your rag rugs, I make ones like them too, but at the moment am trying to focus on my scrappy one, as it's currently half finished and lying on my bedroom floor cos I have no room to store it! I shall be sure to follow your adventures in all the marvelous things we like! :)

  2. Some great books there - I loved Hunger Games & enjoyed the film too!

    Have you read The Wind On Fire trilogy? They are brill too!

    Enjoy your cake making!

    Kay :)

    1. I'm not sure I want to see the film of The Hunger Games, I usually just nitpick at the details they've changed from the book and can't get into it, but I'm eagerly awaiting my copy of the 2nd book in the series to arrive in the library!

      I've just googled Wind on Fire and will be adding that to my list of things to read! Sound right up my street! Have you read the James Patterson Witch and Wizard series, they're a similar theme and really good!

    2. Will check them out!

      Thank you.

      Kay :)

    3. Cool...let me know what you think! :)


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