Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Delightful December...

This month I've loved...

* MOVING!!!!! into my lovely little flat! * Unpacking and making everything pretty * baths * several Indian takeaways * Christmas trees * being given sweeties at work by a customer to say thank you for helping her * Christmas swaps * stuffing balls * friends being home * bucks fizz * Father Christmas coming - he bought me a new purple nighty with owls on, ear muffs, polar bear socks, chocolate and some pennies * fleece nighties * hot water bottles * being given a lovely peace lily for my new flat from my friend at volunteering * Christmas quizzes * watching my mum singing carols * The Hobbit - soooo good! * new purple laptop * 

This is the tree at the National Trust house I volunteer at..isn't it huge and pretty!?

Hope you had a lovely December!  And a happy Christmas if you celebrate it!

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