Sunday, 13 January 2013

Indoor Gardening...

I wanted a house with a garden...I got a flat with a balcony.  I therefore intend to fill my home with plants and do my gardening inside.  (I'll garden on the balcony too of course, I have a few pots out there already, but it's a bit cold for much more than that yet!).

I have lots of lovely house plants  some that came with me and some that have been presents...hyacinths, aloe vera, dangly plant, Christmas cactus...

Spider plant, Swiss cheese plant, umbrella plant, false castor oil plant...

This is my kitchen windowsill, I have lots of succulents and in the bottom photo you can see my experiment in growing veggies indoors.  I have spinach, kale and spring onions, all the seeds have germinated, I'll let you know how they get on!

 Are you growing anything exciting?


  1. I'm going to be growing indoors this year too (conservatory) last year was such a washout I can't be bothered any more.
    I like your flock of chickens !

    1. I look forward to hearing how your indoor gardening goes!

  2. We have quite a few indoor plants & a windowsill full of aloe vera... I love the idea of growing indoors, because slugs are such a problem here, we have grown tomatoes in our bath before now. Am really interested in how your greens go on - our eldest daughter grows lots of veggies & even some fruit on her balcony!

    Kay :)

    1. I like the sound of tomatoes in the bath!


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