Thursday, 5 September 2013

Things I Loved This Month...August...

This month I've loved...

* My beautiful niece, she is sooo squidgable and gorgeous, I can't believe she's nearly a month old! * crocheting * lazy days * skype-ing far away friends * tomato and courgette and broad bean harvest * lovely work-y chums * home grown potatoes * butterflies * Open mic night * lots of charity shop bargains * take aways * buying some goldfish, calling them Claude and Horace, deciding they looked miserable in their tank and setting them free into the pond in Mums garden * Big adventure up north * Especially visiting Charlotte Brontes house! * Watching Pitch Perfect, Zombie Land and Princess Mononoke * Reading Maus * Great British Bake Off!! * Meeting up with my friends from uni * Marks and Spencers iced buns * presents from Reading Festival * Getting my first Crafty Creatives box - exciting! * Booking tickets to see Wicked next August! * Watching Doctor Who Proms on TV * Walk round National Trust Walled veggie garden and pig visiting with Mum * ice lollies * Ikea trip *

Hope you've all had a lovely August! 


  1. compared to you I am a real misery guts, but your list always makes me smile and fills me with warmth. I love your baby tomatoes. Lovely.

    1. I used to be a misery guts, until I decided to count my blessings instead! Glad you like my list though :) My tomatoes grew outside on my balcony, I'm very pleased they did!

  2. Quite the month! Love the piggy picture.


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