Monday, 30 September 2013

Things I Loved This Month...September...

This month has been soooo good...

* Visit to Aberystwyth with Mum, eating chips, feeding seagulls, charity shopping (I bought a beautiful retro table with pink and purple arty tiles on top, sadly it got broken before it even made it to the car :( but some of the tiles are salvageable), eating pretzels, watching paragliders and red kites * My birthday, lovely presents and a hedgehog cake! * Doctor Who socks! * Going to see McFly play in my local park, bit surreal, but very good.  I like Tom, he is blonde and plays a pink ukulele! * reading Maddaddam by Margaret Atwood * twirly crisps and curly chips * Indian Tapas * a bath with a puple sparkly lush bath bomb * falafel * X Factor * central heating * going to an exhibition of vintage clothes at my local National Trust * watching Iron Man * finally going to the dentist (last time I went was about 4 years ago) and being told I have 'perfect oral hygiene' * needle felting * crochet * My family is still a bit baby mad after the arrival of Rosie last month, she is super super cute, growing fast, very headbutty and windy, and survived a whole day of being baby sat by her Grandma and Aunty.  She's even been for a visit to the library for a squidge from some of the library ladies and to collect her first Bookstart pack! * New hair, I have a pink streak on either side, in the middle layer of my hair, so I can be a bit subtle and hide it with the top layer at work (I use these veggie friendly, not tested on animals dyes and bleaches in case you're interested) * Helping out at a produce fair and helping cute kids make 'mini beast hotels' * singapore noodles * being bought flowers * playing on the swings * huge veggie burger in the pub * Open mic night * pay day * Listening to an interesting talk by Germaine Greer at our local free Literary Festival  

Phew! I've had a busy month!  Hope you've all had a lovely one too?!


  1. Whoa, how many gooood things! You rock! ;)

    1. Loads this month...I've been really lucky! :)


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