Friday, 31 January 2014

Things I Loved This Month, January 2014.

This month I've loved...

* starting a shiny new year, with my boy, fizzy wine and Indian food * lie ins * new hoover * nice work-y chums * watching Girls series 2, Sherlock, Call the Midwife and 13 Going on 30 * crochet magazines * treating myself to a Hellbunny dress, it's lovely! * skyping * eating lots of veggies and healthy stuff * vegan croissants and pain au chocolat, sooo good! * learning to make dhal * take away * blankets and pink PJs * seeing The Hobbit part 2 at the cinema and buying a bag of popcorn as big as my torso (popcorn for brekkie and lunch the next day too!) * Going to the Barbican in London to see David Tennant in Richard II, it was sooooo good and we had such good seats.  (He is beautiful!) I went with mum and we had lovely falafel for tea before coming back and all the trains were on time * my pom pom maker came in the post! Pom Poms! * visits from lovely people * doing courses at work and getting certificates! * making crochet bunting * 

I want to say thank you to all of you who have visited or followed me here at my new blog, that makes me very happy too!

Hope you've had a great month!?

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  1. I love that crochet bunting! Just love love love it. The colors are so well chosen. Very cute. Your January was lovely- here's to a great February!

    1. Thank you Connie, I was actually really unhappy with the colours to start with, I think how I arranged them next to each other has made a big difference to it looking ok! Hope you have a great February too!

  2. I made some bunting for my chirstmas decorations, they are such good fun to make, quick and easy. I too love watching Call the Midwife I have only seen a couple of episodes from the first series (caught them on the Drama channel) and this new series. There is not much I like on TV but CTM is fab. Wouldn't it be fabulous if there was a Crochet Channel!!

    1. I want to make some crochet christmas bunting for next year, and some snowflake garlands too, might make them early this year though, otherwise they'll get forgotten in the Christmas rush!

      I love CTM too! It's so nice, I love the stories and I love all the styling and fashion and interior, I have extreme kitchen envy for the kitchen in the new antenatal clinic, it's gorgeous!

      I fear a crochet channel would be a dangerous thing, it would be fabulous but I would never move away from it!


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