Thursday, 29 May 2014

Rio de Janeiro 2014, Botanical Gardens.

The Botanical Gardens, or Jardim Botanico, was one of my favourite places in Rio.  It's full of jungle-y trees and foliage and amazing animals, I saw monkeys, turtles and toucans here.  Toucans are pretty hard to spot, and saw 3 of them, flying from tree to tree for ages.  It was the best part of my holiday.  I even bought myself some toucan earrings to commemorate the day!  

I don't know anything useful, like the names of the plants, but I took lots of pretty pictures so here are some of them.

 I will be back with more holiday photos soon! 


  1. wow that giant waterlily pond! love botanical gardens, they are truly stunning places.

    1. I think this botanical garden was the first I've visited, but I shall definitely be seeking out some more! I loved the pond best, it was sooo magical!

    2. kew gardens are great, if you're ever in london

    3. Thanks for the recommendation, I'll add it to my mental list of places to go!


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