Monday, 20 October 2014


  1. Hi Suzie, just have to say I would drink tap water if it was drinkable these days ! mine tastes foul ! and tea and coffee made with it is absolutely dreadful.
    I don't like the plastic bottles water comes in, but I just can't bring myself to drink tap water these days, goodness only knows what they put in it.
    Plastic bottles do get collected and recycled anyway don't they ?

  2. Hi Wean, hope you're doing well?

    You're right, the plastic bottles are easily recyclable. I prefer to reduce all my waste, whether it's recyclable or destined for landfill, so that's why I avoid using bottled water. I also avoid plastic bottles because of the risk of chemicals leaching from the plastic into the water and causing health problems, I don't want to financially support the practice of the further privatisation of water, or the practice of importing/moving water around causing pollution etc, and tap water is free (and to me tastes good!).

    Each to their own though, I know plenty of people dislike tap water. Have you ever tried a water filter?


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