Sunday, 22 February 2015

Library Love. Bumped, Thumped, The Invention of Wings and Soppy.

Library Love. Bumped, Thumped, The Invetion of Wings and Soppy.

This month I've been reading, 

Bumped - Megan McCafferty
Thumped - Megan McCafferty
Bumped and, it's sequel, Thumped are about twin girls, adopted and separated at birth, in a vision of our world in the not so distant future where a virus causes infertility, except in teenagers.  Harmony is adopted into a church community and Melody is adopted by a power business couple.  Harmony is expected to fulfil her obligation to 'bump' though an arranged marriage, Melody has been trained and coached all her life to increase her value as a surrogate.  Both girls are clever, they find each other, and see through the expectations of their society and attempt to better the situation for themselves and other teenagers.  I thought these books were a bit of silly light reading to start with but ended up getting really into them!

Library Love. Bumped, Thumped, The Invetion of Wings and Soppy.

The Invention of Wings - Sue Monk Kidd
I loved 'The Secret Life of Bees' by Sue Monk Kidd, so I knew I'd like this one too!  And I did!  An 11 year old girl, Sarah, is 'given' a slave, Hetty/Handful as a birthday present.  The book follows their lives, in alternate chapters, for 40 years or so.  Although much of the book is fictionalised, Sarah Grimke and her sister Angelina Grimke were real women and famous early slave abolition and women's rights activists.  I only learned this when I read the note at the back of the book, but it made me love it even more.

Soppy - Phillipa Rice
I've been reading the Soppy web comics for a while, and they were recently published into a little red hardback book.  I love the style of the drawings and all the cute little depictions of the every day things that happen when you're part of a couple.

What have you been reading?


  1. I'm having a break from reading at the moment, but when I do, it's always autobiographies and craft books. I have some new ones coming soon from Amazon and can't wait.
    Have you moved yet ?

    1. That sounds exciting, I love it when a new book pops through my letter box!

      I haven't moved yet, people we're buying from are taking sooo long, we put our offer in at the start of November, and we've only just had the stuff through so my solicitor can do the contracts! It's so frustrating!!

  2. Well I think all of these sound good! I've stuck them all on my 'to read' list :-) xx


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