Sunday, 1 February 2015

Things I Loved, January 2015.

This month I've loved,

* time off work * lie ins * watching Esio Trot, Miranda, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, The 100 * pringles * lush baths * listening to The Wombats, * going for walks * skyping with my friend and her dog * tidy flat * filling 4 more bags to donate to the charity shop * fleece nightie and hot water bottle * new dresses * My cute little nieces, my biggest niece is 18 months and spent a happy morning in the library, sitting on all the different chairs, completely ignoring me but saying 'Hello Lady...Buh-byeee Lady' to any person (male or female) who caught her eye! * lunch at an all you can eat restaurant where I ate 11 onion bhajis * seeing the Hobbit at the cinema * crochet magazine * house buying progress - we have all the stuff for contacts at last (4 months after putting our offer in!) and I've had 2 viewings on my flat already * flowers * my boy cooking me lots of yummy dinners * sunshine * snow * booking all my holiday off work for the next year * reading Our Super Adventure, The Spell Book of Listen Taylor, Bumped and Thumped * buying Russian dolls from the charity shop * helping a lady at work, who then bought us cakes to say thank you (I couldn't eat the cakes, but it was a lovely thought) * Having my own little page on Vegan Life Magazine's website, as one of their bloggers *

I hope you have all had a lovely start to the new year?!


  1. Lots of lovely things, cute Russian dolls. I have some too, but the are Indian dolls. Well done on getting your own page on the mag. Website. I have still to get my mitts on the mag.

    1. Someone donated a massive collection of Russian dolls to the charity shop, there were Indian ones there too, and christmas ones, animal ones, all sorts, but I'm trying to be mindful of what I buy so I stuck to one set!

      I would recommend the Vegan Life Mag if you can find a copy, it's really good!


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