Sunday, 1 March 2015

Things I Loved, February 2015.

This month I loved, 

* having 6 days off work! * going to Cardiff with my boy, we had a huge comfy bed in the hotel, went to the castle, museum, Doctor Who experience, ate delicious fajitas and falafel and chips, unfortunately I had a baaad cold the whole time, but it was still fun * crochet magazine and Mollie Makes magazine * charity shopping * drawing * buying lovey fairtrade tops from the Nomads sale (I got 4 for £40!) * my little nieces visiting me in the library, my smallest niece is so lovely, and smiley and cuddly, my biggest niece is so tall and clever, she repeats everything you say which is really cute! * Valentines day, we ate curry and as I was opening the book and bathbomb Joe had bought me, he texted me a photo of a gorgeous art deco-y dressing table he'd bought for me for in our new house, he's definitely a keeper! * watching Great British Sewing Bee, Doctor Who, Cucumber and Banana, Vamps, How to make an American Quilt, season 3 of Girls * pancakes * reading during my lunch breaks * it being light in the mornings and evenings, looking forward to spring! * crochet * Wetherspoons chips and onion bhajis * remembering my Grandad on what would have been his 100th birthday * pizza * accepting an offer on my flat, and my mortgage stuff all being accepted, I start my nagging campaign to get a moving date for our new home on Monday! * 

Hope you've had a lovely month?

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