Sunday, 22 March 2015

Photo an Hour, March 2015

Yesterday was Photo an Hour day.

Photo an hour is organised by Louisa and Jane, and you can take part on Twitter or Instagram.

Here are my photos, 

9am - It's a lovely sunny day! 

10am - Setting up on the sofa with my breakfast to Skype my friend who lives in Brazil.

11am - I went out on my balcony to see if it was warm enough to go out without a coat - it was!

12pm -  Still getting up and ready, I got distracted by the internet, my boyfriend Joe by his book.

1pm - Wetherspoons for lunch.  I can only have chips there, but they're good chips!

2pm - Walking home.  I love this little row of 3 Georgian houses as you walk up the road to my flat, they're so pretty.

3pm - Catching up on Neighbours.

4pm - I was having a nap, and I didn't take a photo!  I love an afternoon nap!

5pm - Look at that light, I love spring! 

6pm - I collect my compostable waste all week, and take it round to mum's compost heap at the bottom of the garden.

7pm - At Mums, watching telly and eating curry.

8pm - Mum is involved in trying to buy a local building that used to be a cinema, to turn back into a cinema and arts centre.  We were grimly determined to get this donations tin open and count the contents!

9pm - Still at Mums, watching a programme about the Leeds-Liverpool canal.

10pm - Back home, watching The Voice and playing Words with Friends.

11pm - I just wanted to include a photo of my new retro zebra side table.  I love it, but no-one else feels the love (apart from my mum, who bought it for me on Friday for £2 from the charity shop!).

12am - Book and bed!  

Did you take part this month?

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  1. Looks like the weather was gorgeous for you yesterday. I went to Nottingham for the afternoon and it was grey, windy and freezing! Today's much brighter and more spring-like. And oh my gosh, how utterly English am I do be discussing the weather?!

    1. I think I'm equally English, to have sneaked in as many photos of the lovely weather as possible!

  2. Sounds like you had a great Saturday - I love your planters and your mums back garden - very pretty!

    1. Thank you, I love Mums garden, can't wait to have my own garden!

  3. Yay, thanks for taking part! That zebra side table is awesome - excellent bargain hunting by your mum there! Snap with your crockery as well, I have the same set in my kitchen and I love it - the orange and pink make it seem so summery! :-) xx

    1. I LOVE my pink and orange crockery, I have to hold myself back from buying it whenever I see it, my kitchen is full of it!


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