Thursday, 24 September 2015

Garden, September 2015.

Suddenly it's autumn!

I've been planting lots of bulbs this month, in big pots and in any spaces I can find in the garden too.

Planting blubs. Garden, September 2015. #autumngarden #ukgarden #growyourown #ukblogger

Planting blubs. Garden, September 2015. #autumngarden #ukgarden #growyourown #ukblogger

My garden chum this month was this big ol' spider!

Spider on Sweetcorn. Garden, September 2015. #autumngarden #ukgarden #growyourown #ukblogger

Quite often I'm kept company by one or two squirrels, who race along the fence and jump into the trees from the shed roof.  It makes quite a noise!  This one is Pirate Pete, the one eyed squirrel!
One eyed squirrel. Garden, September 2015. #autumngarden #ukgarden #growyourown #ukblogger

The lilac tree we cut down last month has made lots of new sprouts, I'm so glad it's growing back!

Lilac tree shoots. Garden, September 2015. #autumngarden #ukgarden #growyourown #ukblogger

Most excitingly, we got raised beds for the front garden!  Last month I was talking about digging bigger beds in the front garden, but I read a book about front garden growing and decided raised beds would be quicker and a lot less digging.  

I've filled one up so far, using the lasagna method (lots of layers!), and planted onion sets, garlic, rainbow chard and perpetual spinach seeds, leek seeds and some pansies from a bargain 20p pack of almost dead plug plants from Wilkos.  

As well as being excited about having some extra growing space, with nicer soil, spending all weekend in the front garden doing something unusual means I've spoken to loads of neighbours I haven't met before.  Lovely!

Raised bed.  Front garden. Garden, September 2015. #autumngarden #ukgarden #growyourown #ukblogger

I had some onion sets left over, so I popped them in the garden bed, in the space where the broad beans were.  I don't hold out much hope for these ones, the soil isn't great in this bed.  I'm planning to harvest some of these onions early, and to eat the leaves, so maybe I'll get something out of them. 
Planting onion sets.  Garden, September 2015. #autumngarden #ukgarden #growyourown #ukblogger

This is a very confused strawberry!

Autumn strawberry. Garden, September 2015. #autumngarden #ukgarden #growyourown #ukblogger

There are still some pretty, colourful flowers!

Autumn flowers.  Garden, September 2015. #autumngarden #ukgarden #growyourown #ukblogger

Autumn flowers.  Garden, September 2015. #autumngarden #ukgarden #growyourown #ukblogger

This is the garden bed at the side of the house.  In the foreground you can see my courgette plant (it's grown lots of courgettes, sadly slugs keep getting to them before I do), and my autumn raspberries, in the background are lots of lovely herbs. 

Rasperries, courgette and herbs. Garden, September 2015. #autumngarden #ukgarden #growyourown #ukblogger

Here's the garden in all it's glory!

Garden, September 2015. #autumngarden #ukgarden #growyourown #ukblogger

Garden, September 2015. #autumngarden #ukgarden #growyourown #ukblogger

What's happening in your gardens this month?

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  1. ooh you lucky thing having proper raised beds! :) that's part of my plan for next year :) Pirate Pete is adorable! We haven't seen any in our area, just a few flitting about the trees, i'd love to see one up close :)And you've reminded me i must get some bulbs to plant!

    1. I would like to see less squirrels close up, I turn around in the garden and there's usually a squirrel there, eyeing me and making me jump!

      I bought the raised beds with birthday money, they're soo good (so far!), I keep looking out of my front windows like a nutter, just to check my raised beds are doing good!

  2. Oh that's brilliant!!! If we buy our own house, I am getting raised beds! They look wonderful!
    Ha, one eyed squirrel is brilliant! Hope he's ok!x

    1. They're soo good :D I love them!

      Pirate Pete seems to thunk about the fence with the other squirrels, so I guess he's ok, I do wonder if he has a missing eye, or an eye infection that's sticking his eyelids together, but I don't think he's going to let me catch him to see!

  3. Its all beginning to shape up slowly Susie. You will have that garden displaying all sorts of colour in the future.

    1. I will! I have all sorts of plans for next year!


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