Saturday, 12 March 2016

Make one small change, grow organic, non-gm seeds in your garden.

Adopting eco friendly habits can be easier if they're taken one small step at a time.  Lots of small changes add up to a big difference.

Make one small change, buy organic, non-gm seeds for your garden. #gardenblogger #nongmo #organic #heritage #growyourown

Growing your own vegetables is fun and good for the environment.  Some fruit and veg seed has been genetically modified though, meaning they've had extra genes added to them to give them different characteristics.  These new characteristics are more suited to commercial growing than growing in your own garden.  And the GM seeds have never been tested, in case the findings damage the profits of big seed companies, so they could grow dangerous crops.  

To be sure of what you're getting buy only heritage, non-GM or organic seed.  These kind of seeds often produce yummier fruit and veg, with a longer growing season and you can save the seed from them to grow next year.  I usually buy off Ebay (I like Premier Seeds Direct who have certified organic seed) but I've given The Real Seed Catalogue a try this year and I was really impressed with their range and prices.   

For further reading try this article on why GM seed is stupid and this one on why you should grow real seed.


  1. This is a great idea! I've got some seeds left from last year but I will try to buy some organic ones instead!

    1. I've got lots of seed to use up from last year too, but I'm hoping to gradually replace it all with organic or heritage seeds!


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