Saturday, 19 March 2016

Earth hour 2016 - have an earth hour party!

Happy Earth Hour day! 

In case you didn't know, Earth Hour is a yearly event where people all over the world turn off their lights for an hour to show that they care about the future of the planet.   

I wrote a little thing about having an Earth Hour party for Cut Out and Keep's blog, there's ideas for yummy vegan snacks, homemade candles and pretty recycled decorations.

Earth hour party, eco friendly food, crafts and decorations from Cut and and Keep.
image from

Are you doing anything fun for Earth Hour this year?  


  1. Haven't quite decided and not sure whether to keep the younger kids up and play board games. Teenager is worried we'll switch wifi off too! Have a good Earth Hour!

  2. I love your article! The magazine decoration is really nice. I'm intrigued by the pepper corn cashew dip! Oh and I didn't set out to do the garden when I got dressed, it just happened when I chatted to my new neighbour who had just been gardening!x

    1. Thanks! And I understand, I just spent half an hour hoeing in my garden wearing my work uniform, when you've gotta garden you've gotta garden!


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