Sunday, 3 April 2016

Easy green actions and articles, April 2016.

Easy green actions and articles, April 2016.

Here's this month's round up of eco-friendly articles and actions, check them out,

In Italy the law says supermarkets must give all unsold food to those in need.  I like this law!

from RSPCA

Should we be keeping monkeys as pets?  I don't think so, poor little things should be wild and free, swinging from the trees!  If you agree then sign the RSPCA's petition to end the keeping of primates as pets.

I love Lindsay's post '8 lessons learned from 4 years of zero waste living' and I'm super jealous of her home too!

From Friends of the Earth

In Germany the supermarket Aldi have banned pesticides that harm bees from being used on fruit and veg grown for their stores.  That's awesome but it would be even more awesome if Aldi UK did the same.  Friends of the Earth have an online action to ask them to do just that.

The government has approved the planting of seed coated in neonicotinoids across the UK, not cool, please sign the petition to ask for this be stopped.   

"The closing of old polluting coal-power stations and the rapid rise in renewable energy meant coal consumption fell by 22% compared to 2014, the biggest drop ever seen outside of miners’ strikes."
From The Guardian Online. 

I've discovered a couple of new green-y blogs I really like too, The picture of Mary, Gippsland Unwrapped and My empire of dirt.

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