Friday, 2 September 2016

Easy green actions and articles, September 2016.

Here we are again, friends who want to be a bit more eco-friendly!  Check out this month's round up of easy, greeny actions and interesting reads, 

Sign up for Friends of the Earth's Let's eat better pledge.  If you pledge to go vegan, or cut down on your meat and dairy eating, then have a look at the vegan inspiration I've shared here over the years.

Government plans to build a new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point in Somerset are shaping up to be a disaster. Hinkley's already 8 years overdue. And by the time it's finished it'll be the most expensive object on earth.
After the Brexit vote, prime minister Theresa May has announced a fresh review of Hinkley -- meaning the whole project could be on the rocks.

Sign Greenpeace's petition asking the government to stop investing in nuclear power.

Make sure you're separating your recycling correctly, according to the BBC the amount of recycling being rejected has gone up by 84%.  Check your local council's website to see what's acceptable in your area. 

Zero waste week starts on 5th September, will you be joining in?

photo from Sudfeh

If you have a few pennies to spare then think about supporting this crowdfunder campaign to build 'Sudfeh', a non-profit vegan cafe at a University in Palestine.  It would be the first of it's kind and any money made would go to scholarships for young people and to the Palestinian Animal League Solidarity animal welfare charity.

I post these kinds of things on twitter all month, so find me there if this is your kind of thing too!


  1. Great actions and articles as usual :)
    My daughter and I have gone Vegan for September - I am struggling to find a milk alternative for my tea and coffee that doesn't taste awful - what can you suggest??

    1. Ooo hope you do well with your vegan September! I don't drink hot drinks, but husband doesn't mind Koko dairy free milk in his coffee and he's not vegan! My vegan friend has soya milk in hers, just whatever's cheapest. :)

    2. Sorry to jump in, but it takes time to get used to non -dairy milk's. In the end I did without tea (very difficult) for a few weeks then when I had a cup with unsweetened soy it tasted fine.

      I found coffee far easier, anything is fine for me in coffee, hemp, oat and the coconut&almond are my favourites.

      Enjoy being vegan!

    3. Good advice there, my husband's the same, finds most non dairy milk yakky in tea, but coffee is much easier!


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