Monday, 22 June 2009


Welcome to my new blog!

I'm about to leave uni (for the second time) and embark on a life of proper grownup-ness. I've challenged myself to live as sustainably and eco-friendly-ly as possible, and this blog will record my successes and probable not-so-successes as a green goddess.
I think about my impact on the world (environment, people, animals...) in nearly everything I do in my normal life anyway, and hopefully will be able to do even more now I'll be in charge of the decisions! I think that knowledge is power, so why not share what I'm finding out and doing in case others can take something useful from it!

Why 'The Last Biscuit'? A phrase 'borrowed' from my friend Em, after a discussion over dinner involving (the discussion, not the dinner) a complicated metaphor describing the world's attitude to grabbing all the running-out fossil fuels as quickly as possible, rather than making them last while we come up with sustainable alternative energies, as being like buying one last packet of biscuits before going on a diet, and then eating them all up quickly so the temptation is removed. Or something. Don't say we don't know how to have fun of a Sunday lunchtime


  1. Hi!
    great metaphor with the cookie!! :)

    Found you on Lonely Craftivist - it will be interesting to follow your adventures!! :)

  2. Thanks Layla!

    Zero Waste is something I'm interested in too, although I'm nowhere near at the moment *sigh* I'm interested to read about your adventures too :D xx

  3. Hi Sooz,
    It has been a pleasure reading your blog from start to the present. Now that I have visited, I will be coming back.

    I rally Love how your blog came about.

    Warm wishes for the future.

  4. Hi Mangocheeks :)

    Thanks so much, I really appreciate you reading aaaalll of my blog (I know it's up on the internet for all to see, but I never actually imagine anyone's reading it! especially not all of it! so it's nice to know!)

    hope to see you again :D


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