Tuesday, 11 August 2009

My garden...

It's not quite what I'd hoped for,

I've still not been allowed to dig up the flowerbeds at mums house! But I DO have the top shelf of a weird-shelfy thing we have in my mum's garden and I'm inordinately proud of my miniature garden. Look!!

I still only have two garlics growing, the others are looking a bit sad and mouldy and not-growingy, but I'm still holding out hope for them! I transferred some of the lettuces out of a big pot of them that were overcrowded and put them in a new trough (?) so they can grow big and healthy. In the other side of the lettuce trough I sowed some more radish seeds so by the time I've eaten the first lot the second lot will be ready...yuuum!


  1. This is exactly how I started off gardening - growing in pots that is. There is such a wonderful feeling of eating a Lettuce or a Radish that you have grown yourself! Well, with a little help from Mother Nature as well that is.

  2. It is wonderful :D
    I'm surprised at how much I'm enjoying looking after my little pots :)

  3. Great job Sooz! I have yet to try my hand at gardening. I tried growing a few herbs and they died even before we could use them all up. Sad :(


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