Monday, 3 January 2011

Product swap, recycleable plastic toothbrush.

Toothbrush in Mail Back Pack

Father Christmas knows me well, this year he put a lovely pink 'Preserve' toothbrush in my stocking!  I've been wanting to find a more eco-friendly toothbrush for ages (there's a website that sells wooden ones but frustratingly I can't get the page to load!) and this one is made from recycled plastic and I can post it back to be recycled again!  And it only cost £2.99 (I've communicated with Santa and he let me know that he bought it from Sainsburys)! And it's pink!  And actually it's a really good toothbrush!  I would still like to try a wooden toothbrush, but I think preserve toothbrushes are a good compromise for the time being.

What kind of toothbrush do you use?

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